Born in Brookyln. Raised in New Jersey. 100 percent Italian. Recently rumored to be mixed with French. Tomboy who played with race car sets. Ran over sisters dolls for fun. Love my brother. Even though he used to pee on me when i would change his diaper. Returned to New York and went to F.I.T. Took some photography classes. Inspired. Sudden calling to Hollywood. Packed my suitcases. And my dog. Mom was mad. Still mad. 20 years later. Done all sorts of things. Worked with amazing people. Taking lots of photos. Really good at it. Making a book. Rescuing dogs and cats. Even starred in a movie. Love smelling the roses. Laughter is the best medicine. Have a big heart. Dance. Be good to yourself. Be kind to all creatures. Take care of your neighborhood. Life is what you make it.